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error 496 - Destination File Write Error

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  • Tom Hanlin
    To be more specific, if you need to be able to unload the library, you need
    to load the library dynamically (using LoadLibrary). In that case, the calls
    to the library routines must be done using CALL DWORD syntax rather than
    through the implicit handling used with the DECLARE xxx LIB "zzz" approach.
    If you search the Forums here for "LoadLibrary", you will find examples of
    how this may be accomplished.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Michael Mattias
    I use freelibrary/compile DLL/reload with the exe which calls the library still running all the time without any problems.

    Note that if you have a DECLARE in the EXE which specifies the LIB, and the procedure is referenced in the EXE, option,that DLL does not not unload and the file remains write protected. (As far as I can figger it out).

    If it makes a difference, I do not launch the "using" EXE from the IDE, I launch from Explorer.


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  • lac la
    Guest started a topic error 496 - Destination File Write Error

    error 496 - Destination File Write Error

    I am trying to convert QBasic to PBCC2.0 and PBDLL6.0 for a large
    application. I need to how to unload the library so I can modify
    and compile it while the application is running and load it everytime
    it is needed.
    I have tried to use FREELIBRARY to unload the DLL successfully but
    the DLL is still Write-protected.