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Is xprint graphic window reasonable to ask for?

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  • Is xprint graphic window reasonable to ask for?

    I've set up some log graphs on screen and it's very handy to simply set up a coordinate system to match my data. Data outside the graphic window is also truncated. When I do a printer routine using XPRINT, there's no way to set the coordinates of a window, just the whole sheet. This makes the calculations much more tedious. In my case, it also makes them much more error prone, but that's just me. Should i send a feature request to support, or is what I want unrealistic for some reason? Or, is there a better way to do this that I'm overlooking?

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    Have you looked at the XPRINT STRETCH offering?
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      I don't want to transfer a bitmap to the printer, as I don't believe the quality can compete with a direct draw between coordinates. I did consider the method to avoid the math.