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Question on PB Forms - Properties

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  • Andre Jacobs
    Thank You,

    I was looking in the PB Forms help and could not find anything about it.

    On the basis of your reply I found it in the PB/Win Help. (Should have looked there first )

    The "control set text" and "dialog set text" is EXACTLY what I was looking for

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  • Walt Thompson
    Changing Button, Label and Frame Text

    CONTROL SET TEXT hDlg, %Control, Text String
    hDlg = DIALOG handle
    %Control = Button, Label or Frame

    Will change the text in %Object. In practice the user would choose the desired language from a list of languages:

    The program then selects and writes the appropriate text onto each control.
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  • Chris Holbrook
    If you select the properties which you want using the Properties dialog (right-click on a dialog), you can then look at the generated DDT code under the View top-level menu, and see which statements are used to modify the appearence of the dialog.

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  • Andre Jacobs
    started a topic Question on PB Forms - Properties

    Question on PB Forms - Properties

    Hi Everybody,

    How can I Programatically change the properties of a Dialog(or controls in a dialog), like color, Fonts, and Captions?

    I wish to write an application for different Languages (Like German, English Etc.) And it would be the easiest to display the dialog with the correct language by using something Like:-

    If Lang = a then ' English
    dialog1.caption = "Programme Name"
    dialog1.label1.caption = "Options"
    ElseIf Lang = b then ' Dutch
    dialog1.caption = "Program Naam"
    dialog1.label1.caption = "Keuses"
    End If

    Is this possible?

    Where would/could I find the descriptions/instructions of the variables to be able to do this?