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Saving PB Forms 1.5

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  • Saving PB Forms 1.5

    I am just starting on PBForms.

    I have created a Dialog form with a number of Labels, Text Boxes and two Command buttons.

    I saved it as Warren.BAS, but the process finished with an error message referring to error RC1107.

    I presume therefore it is NOT saved, although it does seem to have been saved, but I'm still getting the error message.

    How do I find what error RC1107 means. The message says I should try RC/?. I tried this in 'Index' in the Help but again an error message.

    How do I find an explanation of Error RC1107. where do I type RC/?

    Warren Sugden

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    That's a resource compiler error - see MSDN

    AFAIK, the resource compiler is a M$ element, not PowerBASIC.

    I have no idea how to deal with it, but then I don't use resource files.