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Where would I post a perceived bug?

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  • Dennis Pearson
    send a message to [email protected]

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  • colin glenn
    started a topic Where would I post a perceived bug?

    Where would I post a perceived bug?

    Mainly I was reading through the PB Forms documentation, and a minor one for example is a missing "TOP" button on the "Named Blocks" page, and something serious from the typo department in "Parent and child dialogs":
    One further change is necessary to complete the parent/child relationship between DIALOG1 and DIALOG2 - the %HWND_DESKTOP parameter needs to be replaced with the handle of DIALOG1, otherwise DIALOG2 will continue to use the desktop window as its parent.

    If that was allowed to occur, the user could continue to interact with DIALOG1 even when DIALOG2 was displayed. However, because this code is using MODAL dialogs,

    This is important because we are using MODAL dialogs. MODAL dialogs can simplify automatically disable their parent dialog when they are launched, and re-enable the parent dialog when they are closed. This

    Since the child dialog (DIALOG2) is being launched from within the Callback of DIALOG1, we can completely avoid using global variables to track the handle of DIALOG1 because the DDT Callback Function automatically provides the handle in the DDT system variable CBHNDL. Therefore, we simply need to substitute CBHNDL for %HWND_DESKTOP. For example:
    is the strangeness.

    The page also lacks the PREV CONTENTS NEXT buttons, and if you hit TOP, you wind up on "Saving and editing a new project"