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The ID Name is not valid. - Oh help?

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    The ID Name is not valid. - Oh help?

    Dealing with PB Forms, got the latest, 1.51, and in reading the help file, it says:
    The fastest way to create a menu is to start off by entering the Captions for all the menus, then go back and enter all the Accelerator keys, then finally, go back and enter the Prompt text for each menu item. After each of these fields is entered, simply press the Enter key to move to the next item. Using this method, PowerBASIC Forms will assist to make the menu creation process very rapid and extremely simple. Let's explain this strategy in more depth.
    So I do so.

    I enter the first element, the root of &File, and press enter, it advances to the next element as quoted.

    I then enter &Open, and up pops an error message:
    The ID Name is not valid. Valid ID Names must begin with the % character followed by a letter and contain only alphanumeric and underscore characters.
    But it's displaying %IDM_FILE_OPEN in the ID Name field.

    And it produces the same behavior whether or not I use &Open or Open.
    Furcadia, an interesting online MMORPG in which you can create and program your own content.

    PBForms has a few Quirks

    Just cancel the error message and carry on - she'll be right!
    Rgds, Dave