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  • Missing Help content - control events

    In most of the Control Add xxx Help sections, the notifications sent to the controls are listed. That's true for 16 of the controls.

    However, the Help topics on the following 6 controls do not provide a convenient listing, or a partial one for that matter:


    Is there a place where the information is found, that perhaps I've missed?

    I can see content in the sample directories and in the include files which gives some information - but it's not at all obvious that the content is complete.

    Suggestions? It seems like a waste of time to have to ferret out the information one item/control at a time. Isn't there a complete reference somewhere that doesn't cost me hours of time?

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    Those particular controls are 'new' to PBWin90. Hopefully PB will extend their help topics - in response to requests from users?
    They are part of a larger group of 'common controls' that aren't built-in to PBWin DDT, ie created by a DDT "CONTROL ADD xxx" statement.

    Previously all common controls would be added to a dialog with a CONTROL ADD "custom control" statement following a call to load the common control DLL (COMCTL32.DLL) e.g.
    #Include ""
    Call InitCommonControls()
    Control Add "msctls_statusbar32", hDlg, %STATMSCTLS_STATUSBAR32_1, "msctls_statusbar32_1", 0, 578, 800, 22
    From PBWin help, "Common controls send %WM_NOTIFY messages (to the parent dialog's callback, not the control callback) rather than the more conventional %WM_COMMAND messages. In such cases, the meaning of the message parameters CB.WPARAM and CB.LPARAM will vary according to the type of notification message being processed".

    Built-in support for these notification messages is being expanded in PBWin90 (See CB Callback functions help topic).

    A useful resource to learn more about common controls is Control Spy ( )
    There are multiple examples of their use on the forums too, of course.
    Last edited by Dave Biggs; 17 Jan 2009, 09:42 PM. Reason: Changed link to older Control Spy (V2.0 has less info)
    Rgds, Dave


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      The best source of information for the controls in Windows is Microsoft's MSDN.

      Control Library
      The topics in this section discuss each control separately. The information for each control contains overviews that describe the control and how to use it, as well as programming elements that are used specifically with that control.

      General Control Information

      Windows Controls
      A control is a child window that an application uses in conjunction with another window to enable user interaction.

      Control Spy v2.0
      Control Spy is a tool that helps developers understand common controls how to apply styles to them, and how they respond to messages and notifications.
      Dominic Mitchell
      Phoenix Visual Designer