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    Easy question;

    Is there a way to set up my dialog to re-size itself to
    the screen resolution?


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    Resizing is a bit tricky. The sizing part is easy, its figuring out
    how big each control should be and if it should shift position.

    For example, a text box that is multi line would likely be sizes bigger,
    but now a text box that is single line would only be sized in width
    and not height (unless you use a bigger font). Same thing with buttons,
    likely they won't be made bigger, but simply will be moved to make
    more room for controls that would benefit from being made bigger, such
    as multiline text boxes, Listboxes, ListView controls, etc.

    You have to come up with some rules on what a control should do when
    the Dialog is resized, such as (1) Make it as big as possible (2) only
    make it wider (3) don't change the size, but move it to make more room
    for other controls (4) etc. .

    Once you have your rules, then write a routine that goes through
    every control, one by one, and then resizes it based on the rules.
    You will likely want to turn off the Redraw State of the Dialog first,
    resize your controls, turn the redraw state back on and then force
    the Dialog to redraw itself, so you don't see a lot of flicker when
    resizing your Dialog.

    Also Resizing of the Dialogs controls should be done in the Dialogs
    WM_SIZE message !

    I think Lance or somebody had a resize DLL that did a lot of this
    for you that you can buy to make it easier. I remember some kind of
    post about this some time back.

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      Yes, I have a Resize custom control (RESIZE32)... if you are interested, please email me privately and I'll send you a fully-functional demo.

      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
      mailto:[email protected]