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Equates for SHChangeNotify?

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  • Equates for SHChangeNotify?

    What are the equates (SHCNE_*, etc.) used by the function
    SHChangeNotify? Neither the FUNCTION nor the EQUATES are
    defined in the WIN32API.INC that I downloaded from PB
    a few days ago. The DECLARE for the function I can figure out
    based on the article in WIN32.HLP. It's the equates that I
    need help with.

    Thanks in advance!

    Clay C. Clear

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    I'll see that those get into the next Win32API update, which should be available later today.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      when i wrote , i already translated all flags.

          ' ==== file system notification flags ====
         %shcne_renameitem       =  &h00000001&
         %shcne_create           =  &h00000002&
         %shcne_delete           =  &h00000004&
         %shcne_mkdir            =  &h00000008&
         %shcne_rmdir            =  &h00000010&
         %shcne_mediainserted    =  &h00000020&
         %shcne_mediaremoved     =  &h00000040&
         %shcne_driveremoved     =  &h00000080&
         %shcne_driveadd         =  &h00000100&
         %shcne_netshare         =  &h00000200&
         %shcne_netunshare       =  &h00000400&
         %shcne_attributes       =  &h00000800&
         %shcne_updatedir        =  &h00001000&
         %shcne_updateitem       =  &h00002000&
         %shcne_serverdisconnect =  &h00004000&
         %shcne_updateimage      =  &h00008000&
         %shcne_driveaddgui      =  &h00010000&
         %shcne_renamefolder     =  &h00020000&
         %shcne_freespace        =  &h00040000&
         %shcne_extended_event   =  &h04000000& ' ie 4+
         %shcne_assocchanged     =  &h08000000&
         %shcne_diskevents       =  &h0002381f&
         %shcne_globalevents     =  &h0c0581e0& ' events that dont match pidls first
         %shcne_allevents        =  &h7fffffff&
         %shcne_interrupt        =  &h80000000& ' the presence of this flag indicates that the event was generated by an interrupt.  it is stripped out before the clients of shcnnotify_ see it.
         %shcnee_orderchanged    =  &h00000002& ' ie 4+  dwitem2 is the pidl of the changed folder
         ' flags: uflags & shcnf_type is an id which indicates what dwitem1 and dwitem2 mean
         %shcnf_idlist           =  &h0000        ' lpitemidlist
         %shcnf_patha            =  &h0001        ' path name (ansi)
         %shcnf_printera         =  &h0002        ' printer friendly name (ansi)
         %shcnf_dword            =  &h0003        ' dword
         %shcnf_pathw            =  &h0005        ' path name (unicode)
         %shcnf_printerw         =  &h0006        ' printer friendly name
         %shcnf_type             =  &h00ff
         %shcnf_flush            =  &h1000
         %shcnf_flushnowait      =  &h2000
      '  %shcnf_path             =  %shcnf_pathw    ' unicode
      '  %shcnf_printer          =  %shcnf_printerw
         %shcnf_path             =  %shcnf_patha
         %shcnf_printer          =  %shcnf_printera
         declare sub shchangenotify lib "shell32.dll" alias "shchangenotify" (byval weventid as long, byval uflags as dword, _
                         dwitem1 as any, dwitem2 as any)
      e-mail: [email protected]


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        Thanks, Tom and Semen!

        And, also thanks to you, Semen, for your reply to my posting
        about my CD-ROM autorunning program's problems with the data
        CD toggling. Your answer may well be borne out by the fact that,
        when StepUp makes the changes, all of the icons on my Windows
        Desktop flicker. In other words, there is apparently some
        Windows updating being performed by StepUp when it makes the
        changes to the data CD autorunning status. And, now that you
        have graciously provided the equates, I can try to repeat what
        steps StepUp performs, whereby getting my program to FINALLY

        Thanks, again, guys!

        Clay C. Clear

        [email protected]
        [email protected]