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Determining which part of statusbar was clicked

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    Determining which part of statusbar was clicked

    I want to know which part of a statusbar received a mouseclick.

    Other than getting the mouse X,Y coordinates and figuring which of the parts of the statusbar are under those coordinates, is there a simpler approach?


    Statusbar controls were not designed as 'input' controls, so there are no intrinsic notifications for that purpose.

    However, instead of a 'real' status bar, you could substitute a static control with a nice Border and use the SS_NOTIFY style to receive a notification message on a click or double-click.

    You'd still have to translate the cursor position to the client coordinates, so I don't know that buys you all that much.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


      Both Pierre Bellisle and Jose Roca have posted code in the PB forums that inspects the Statusbar, but I don't have links right now. I think the topic had to do with "Enumerate IE Controls" or something similar.

      Look in the SDK help under "Send Message" for "%SB_GETTEXTLENGTH" and functions related to StatusBar. There are explanations about the "parts" of the StatusBar and how to interact with it.

      You might at least be able to tell what part of the SB the user clicked on. Not sure on this, though.

      Also, you might find something of use in this thread:

      Added: I was able to do a quick search in the SDK help you and Michael are correct about having to determine the coordinates yourself.

      There is one message that may be of help: %SB_GETBORDERS message retrieves the current widths of the horizontal and vertical borders of a status window.

      Neither of these SDK Topics indicates anything more detailed:
      Default Status Window Message Processing
      Status Window Reference
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        NM_CLICK (status bar) Notification

        Notifies the parent window of a status bar control that the user has clicked the left mouse button within the control. NM_CLICK (status bar) is sent in the form of a WM_NOTIFY message.



        lpnm = (LPNMMOUSE) lParam;


        Pointer to an NMMOUSE structure that contains additional information about this notification message. The dwItemSpec member contains the index of the section that was clicked.
        #DIM ALL
        #COMPILE EXE
        %IDC_STATUSBAR                        = 101
        GLOBAL   ghInstance              AS DWORD    ' handle of the application instance
        ' PROCEDURE: WinMain
        ' PURPOSE:   Program entry point, calls initialization function, processes
        '            message loop.
        FUNCTION WinMain _
           ( _
           BYVAL hInstance      AS DWORD, _       ' handle of current instance
           BYVAL hPrevInstance  AS DWORD, _       ' handle of previous instance(not used in Win32)
           BYVAL pszCmdLine     AS ASCIIZ PTR, _  ' address of command line
           BYVAL nCmdShow       AS LONG _         ' show state of window
           ) AS LONG
           LOCAL szClassName    AS ASCIIZ * %MAX_PATH         ' class name
           LOCAL twcx           AS WNDCLASSEX                 ' class information
           LOCAL tmsg           AS tagMsg                     ' message information
           LOCAL ticc           AS INIT_COMMON_CONTROLSEX     ' specifies common control classes to register
           LOCAL hWnd           AS DWORD                      ' handle of main window
           ' Save the handle of the application instance
           ghInstance = hInstance
           ' Register the Form1 window
           szClassName        = "Form1_Class"
           twcx.cbSize        = SIZEOF(twcx)                              ' size of WNDCLASSEX structure
          = %CS_DBLCLKS                               ' class styles
           twcx.lpfnWndProc   = CODEPTR(Form1_WndProc)                    ' address of window procedure used by class
           twcx.cbClsExtra    = 0                                         ' extra class bytes
           twcx.cbWndExtra    = 0                                         ' extra window bytes
           twcx.hInstance     = ghInstance                                ' instance of the process that is registering the window
           twcx.hIcon         = LoadIcon(%NULL, BYVAL %IDI_APPLICATION)   ' handle of class icon
           twcx.hCursor       = LoadCursor(%NULL, BYVAL %IDC_ARROW)       ' handle of class cursor
           twcx.hbrBackground = %COLOR_BTNFACE + 1                        ' brush used to fill background of window's client area
           twcx.lpszMenuName  = %NULL                                     ' resource identifier of the class menu
           twcx.lpszClassName = VARPTR(szClassName)                       ' class name
           twcx.hIconSm       = %NULL                                     ' handle of small icon shown in caption/system Taskbar
           IF ISFALSE RegisterClassEx(twcx) THEN
              FUNCTION = %TRUE
              EXIT FUNCTION
           END IF
           ' Load the common controls library and
           ' specify the classes to register.
           ticc.dwSize = SIZEOF(ticc)
           ticc.dwICC  = %ICC_BAR_CLASSES
           InitCommonControlsEx ticc
           ' Create the Form1 window
           hWnd = CreateWindowEx(%WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE, _                                          ' extended styles
                                 "Form1_Class", _                                              ' class name
                                 "", _                                                         ' caption
                                 %WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW OR %WS_VISIBLE, _                        ' window styles
                                 160, 130, _                                                   ' left, top
                                 373, 231, _                                                   ' width, height
                                 %NULL, %NULL, _                                               ' handle of owner, menu handle
                                 ghInstance, BYVAL %NULL)                                      ' handle of instance, creation parameters
           ' If window could not be created, return "failure"
           IF ISFALSE hWnd THEN
              FUNCTION = %FALSE
              EXIT FUNCTION
           END IF
           ' Initialize this instance of the window
           ' Make the window visible; update its client area
           ShowWindow hWnd, nCmdShow
           UpdateWindow hWnd
           ' Main message loop of program.
           ' Acquire and dispatch messages until a WM_QUIT message is received.
           WHILE ISTRUE GetMessage(tmsg, BYVAL %NULL, 0, 0)
              IF ISFALSE IsDialogMessage(hWnd, tmsg) THEN
                 TranslateMessage tmsg
                 DispatchMessage tmsg
              END IF
           FUNCTION = tmsg.wParam
        ' PROCEDURE: Form1_WndProc
        ' PURPOSE:   Processes messages for the Form1 window.
        FUNCTION Form1_WndProc _
           ( _
           BYVAL hWnd     AS DWORD, _ ' window handle
           BYVAL uMsg     AS DWORD, _ ' type of message
           BYVAL wParam   AS DWORD, _ ' first message parameter
           BYVAL lParam   AS LONG _   ' second message parameter
           ) EXPORT AS LONG
           LOCAL ptnmhdr        AS NMHDR PTR      ' information about a notification message
           LOCAL plEdge         AS LONG PTR       ' address of array of right edges
           LOCAL hWndChild      AS DWORD          ' handle of child window
           LOCAL hFont          AS DWORD          ' handle of font used by form
           LOCAL lpnm           AS NMMOUSE PTR
           SELECT CASE uMsg
              CASE %WM_NOTIFY
                 ptnmhdr = lParam
                 SELECT CASE @ptnmhdr.idFrom
                    CASE %IDC_STATUSBAR
                       IF @ptnmhdr.code = %NM_CLICK THEN
                          lpnm = lParam
                          ' Display the zero-based index of the section that was clicked.
                          MSGBOX STR$(@lpnm.dwItemSpec)
                       END IF
                 END SELECT
              CASE %WM_DESTROY
                 PostQuitMessage 0
                 EXIT FUNCTION
              CASE %WM_CREATE
                 ' Create font used by container
                 hFont = GetStockObject(%DEFAULT_GUI_FONT)
                 ' Create the Statusbar1 statusbar control
                 hWndChild = CreateWindowEx(%NULL, _                                              ' extended styles
                                            "msctls_statusbar32", _                               ' class name
                                            "", _                                                 ' caption
                                            %WS_CHILD OR %WS_VISIBLE OR _                         ' window styles
                                            %CCS_BOTTOM OR %SBARS_SIZEGRIP, _                     ' class styles
                                            0, 177, _                                             ' left, top
                                            365, 20, _                                            ' width, height
                                            hWnd, %IDC_STATUSBAR, _                        ' handle of parent, control ID
                                            ghInstance, BYVAL %NULL)                              ' handle of instance, creation parameters
                 SendMessage hWndChild, %WM_SETFONT, hFont, %TRUE
                 ' Allocate memory for the coordinate of the right edge of each part
                 plEdge = HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), %HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY, 4 * 4)
                 IF ISTRUE plEdge THEN
                    @plEdge[0] = 96
                    @plEdge[1] = 194
                    @plEdge[2] = 292
                    @plEdge[3] = -1
                    SendMessage hWndChild, %SB_SETPARTS, 4, BYVAL plEdge
                    ' Free memory that was allocated for the edge info
                    HeapFree GetProcessHeap(), 0, BYVAL plEdge
                 END IF
                 ' Update the size of the statusbar
                 SendMessage hWndChild, %WM_SIZE, 0, 0
                 EXIT FUNCTION
           END SELECT
           FUNCTION = DefWindowProc(hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam)
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          Thanks Jose!

          I hope you had that code stuck away somewhere. That's a lot of lines of code to make up for a forum response.

          I appreciate the effort.


            I do a lot of copy and paste

            The relevant code:

                  CASE %WM_NOTIFY
                     ptnmhdr = lParam
                     SELECT CASE @ptnmhdr.idFrom
                        CASE %IDC_STATUSBAR
                           IF @ptnmhdr.code = %NM_CLICK THEN
                              lpnm = lParam
                              ' Display the zero-based index of the section that was clicked.
                              MSGBOX STR$(@lpnm.dwItemSpec)
                           END IF
                     END SELECT


              I missed that one!

              Potentially very handy!
              Michael Mattias
              Tal Systems (retired)
              Port Washington WI USA
              [email protected]


                deleted - nevermind!
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