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Ver3.0 Listing: Messages, notifications, styles, extstyles

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  • Ver3.0 Listing: Messages, notifications, styles, extstyles

    I started keeping a workbook of named constants documented in MSDN, covering messages, notifications, styles, and extended styles for controls, windows, and other Windows objects that seem to be useful in PowerBASIC applications.

    It also includes a comparison of which values are listed in PowerBASIC Help vs those listed in MSDN. I can't say as I know why, in every case, the lists are different - but figuring it out has been educational.

    In addition to using the information in my PowerBASIC tutorials, I decided to simply put the file out for download. The latest is Ver3.0 - it's an Excel workbook. I'll be updating it occasionally.

    Here's the link:

    It started off as a desire to have a single place I could look up allowable named constants, driven by the limited lists available in PowerBASIC help.

    Now, I find that just creating the list made me read through more of MSDN content than I might otherwise have done. So it's been a good learning exercise.

    I hope other folks will find it useful too.

    Feel free to let me know of any errors or suggestions for improvements.
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