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  • PB9 win manual

    Hi there ,

    sometime ago I ordered the printed Manual
    for the PB compiler 9 Windows.

    Til today there is no notice when I can expect the delivery ??

    what about it ...

    Karlheinz Nester

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    From what I gather, but I do not know for sure, is that they on back order. I have requested from support that PB provide an option for the manuals to be downloadable for international customers who can then print it themselves. Shipping costs are more than the manual itself. I've been informed that this option is not available at this time but I'm sure that if enough people put in a request then it may be considered.


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      If I wanted an official answer I'd probably ask [email protected]
      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
      [email protected]


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        Although emailing Powerbasic directly, if you also search the forums for the same question I asked a while back, you will see that Bob Zale Himself replied and explained that the printed manuals are on backorder, and that no one has been charged for a book not sent yet.

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