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Reproducible Bug in GRAPHIC STRETCH

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  • Reproducible Bug in GRAPHIC STRETCH

    This has been reported before, but not including code to specifically demonstrate the problem. It's an error in the way that GRAPHIC STRETCH does it's thing.

    Trying %halftone, etc, doesn't correct the error. The image created via GRAPHIC STRETCH looks wrong. Just wrong.

    The below code demonstrates the problem side-by-side, though it's rather primitive (it works with a 2366x2366 pixel test bitmap - all I needed). And yes, I've tried with other bitmaps.

    #INCLUDE ""
        ' the original size of my test bmp is 2366x2366, and it is a photographic image.
        ' sample code doesn't respect aspect ratio, it's just built around my square
        ' test image which is 2366x2366, but feel free to try other images.  The effect is most noticeable on photographic images. 
        ' lets load up our original bitmap (mine is 2366x2366 px)
        file$ = "g.bmp"
        'make a lil graphic window for lookin' at on the left side of screen
        GRAPHIC WINDOW "Graphic Render", 100,100,400,400 TO hGraphic1&
        GRAPHIC ATTACH hGraphic1&,0
        'render the big graphic into the lil window using GRAPHIC RENDER
        GRAPHIC RENDER file$,(0,0)-(399,399)
        'make a 2nd lil graphic window for lookin' at off there to the right
        GRAPHIC WINDOW "Graphic Stretch",550,100,400,400 TO hGraphic2&
        GRAPHIC ATTACH hGraphic2&,0
        'render the big graphic into the lil window using GRAPHIC STRETCH
        GRAPHIC BITMAP LOAD file$, 2366, 2366 TO hBig&      'first, load the big file to have something to copy from
        GRAPHIC STRETCH hBig&,0, (0,0)-(2365,2365) TO (0,0)-(399,399)
        MSGBOX "The left window uses GRAPHIC RENDER, and looks perfect."+$CRLF+$CRLF _
        +"Note how the right window looks using GRAPHIC STRETCH.  You will find that using %HALFTONE, etc., does not cure the problem.  While there are other techiniques (outside of DDT) for stretching, the command should work."
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    You may have reached a maximum size for bitmaps?
    If so that is a Windows limit.

    I don't know..


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      It's not a limitation of bitmap size, they can be quite huge (I've used 25-100 megapixel in graphic controls before - specifically for testing purposes).

      Actually, I just tried with a 358x480 image, the same result.

      The image in the left window is perfect (well, a little distorted since it's rendering it as a square, but...). The image on the right is quite blotchy. Not quite sure how to describe it. I do NOT mean pixelated, because it is not. Just blotchy coloration. shows a screenshot example of the problem. Incidentally, I'm running PB 9.00.0085, WindowsXP.
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        This has been reported before
        Did you report it to [email protected] ?

        I see the same blotchy stretched image with my 670 x 630 bitmap using PBWin90 on XP Home SP2.
        Rgds, Dave


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          I will report it now to [email protected]. I wanted to run it by the forums before I submitted the report, to be sure there wasn't already a fix in the works which I wasn't aware of.



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            I asked about this problem a few weeks ago. I just assumed it was something I was doing wrong or something I didn't know to do. If it turns out to be a bug I'll be glad because that means it might get fixed.



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              It's fixed in the 9.01 release

              I've been informed that they are aware of the issue, and that the PB/Win 9.01 release will include a fix for this!


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                Good news!

                Thank you,


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                  I finally got a chance to try out the improved GRAPHIC STRETCH in PB 9.01 and it works just fine when I use the %HALFTONE style.

                  Even drastically reduced images are nice and sharp, just as they already were with GRAPHIC RENDER.

                  Thanks for listening, PB people.



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                    Originally posted by Barry Marks View Post
                    ...Thanks for listening, PB people...
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