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Using IDE for Testing - Way NOT to save before compiling?

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    Using IDE for Testing - Way NOT to save before compiling?

    Often I type in some discardable code, something I just want to test out.

    I'd like to have the IDE compile and execute the code - without asking me to select a .bas filename. Using a default file name would be fine.

    Unless I purposely use File Save As ..., to create a name other than the default "Noname1.bas", I'd like the IDE to treat the code as disposable and NOT ask me to save the content to a file.

    I've seen nothing in the IDE settings that comes close to this.

    For now, I just save everything to "xx.bas" and overwrite that file with every discardable code I write.

    Does anyone have a secret to offer?

    In other words, you'd like to have an interpreter that will run code in memory like pbdos or qbasic or quickbasic and others.
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      Gary --

      Can't be done, at least not directly from the IDE. All PowerBASIC For Windows compiling is done with a Command Line Compiler (pbwin.exe, pbcc.exe, etc.) and they only accept disk files as input. When you compile using the IDE it saves the file and then shells to the command line compiler.

      I suppose you could set up a batch file that used the command line compiler to compile the current contents of the disk file, but that would require you to double-click a desktop icon for a "test" compile.

      Directly from the IDE... Nope.

      -- Eric
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        That would be a "new feature request" and should be sent to [email protected] identified as such.

        This has sometimes been called a "compile to memory and run" option, although in Real Life it would have to go on disk "somewhere"

        I have asked for a futher "new feature" related to this....

        When I have "noname.bas" open in the IDE but not used in the current compilation (ie it's a 'scratchpad') , don't force me to save it before compiling the program I want to compile.

        I know why this is done the way it is (too many users would contact support with 'problems' because they forgot to save one of the #INCLUDEd files before compiling), but that does not mean I have to like it a whole lot.

        (especially when it's "noname.bas". What person in his right mind would actually....
        #INCLUDE "noname.bas"
        ..??????? )

        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
        [email protected]


          JellyFish Pro Editor

          Right from the Help file:

          You can also add a 'compiler preprocessor directive' called 
          JPRO_COMPILETEMP. JPro will examine your source code for 
          this directive and, if found, will compile your source to a 
          temporary disk file. This allows you to quickly create code 
          to test without having to save the code into a disk file. 
          JPro will delete any temporary files after it is finished.
                ' JPRO_COMPILETEMP = TRUE
          There are other preprocessor directives that you can put in your code to instruct JellyFish to use a specific compiler:

                ' JPRO_COMPILER = PB/WIN
                ' JPRO_COMPILER = PB/DLL
                ' JPRO_COMPILER = PB/CC
                ' JPRO_COMPILER = PB/DOS
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