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Folder info sample and FindFirstFile..

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  • Folder info sample and FindFirstFile..

    Just posted a Folder info sample to source code forum. Have found a
    funny thing with FindFirstFile and recursive scanning. First time always
    take longer time, then info is available in chache memory so subsequent
    scans are much faster. Okay, nothing new there, but - MS Explorer seems
    to by-pass this somehow. ???

    I mean - restart Windows, open up MS Explorer, right-click on a folder
    and select "properties", and files, sub-folders and sizes are calculated
    at same speed my code does - when all is in chache, that is, after it has
    been done once.

    Maybe MS uses other, secret low-level way? Maybe Windows stores drive
    info under secret search handle? Maybe that can explain why it takes
    so long to restart Windows? (because it collects drive data while loading..?)

    Just speculating, in case someone knows anything about it. Sure would
    be fun to be able to do recursive file/folder scanning without that
    first "slow" scan..


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    "Cache" is obvious for any read operations.
    For example, I keep a copy of working directories on another HDD.
    After some changes I use FAR to compare directories (many times per day).
    First time comparasion is enough slow. And very fast next time.

    Diskettes ... To verify writing it's necessary to put away a diskette and to insert it again. Otherwise Windows compares RAM.

    Very doubt that MS has a big fantasy. More realistic that Windows uses the same mechanism as for virtual pages - remembers last r/w blocks and, when there is no enough free RAM, kills the oldest.

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      The first time the sysimagelist is expanded.
      Billy's explorer retrieves the icon(s) if the file get's 'in sight'.
      I think it's userdrawn