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Invalid win32 Application in Windows2000

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    Originally posted by Gregery D Engle:
    You act like IE isn't the #1 browser on the market? All the
    source code provided on MSDN I can copy and paste fine, why
    can't you just get ride of UBB and go with something home grown?
    Just a suggestion.
    Greg, according to the IDE team, the problem is actually in IE... it does not format line breaks correctly when displaying the UUB code blocks, hence the workaround to use the EDIT MESSAGE window.

    How Word/Wordpad manages to do it is unclear - other apps like Notepad don't detect the line break either.

    Obviously the MSDN web pages are formatted a little differently to how the UUB software creates the HTML code. We hope to one day replace the BBS with much better software, but alas, that probably won't happen in the very near future.

    BTW: what "market" are you talking about? AFAIK, there has not been a Browser market for years.

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      MSIE copies data to the clipboard in text, RTF and HTML formats. For "do not format" blocks
      such as UBB "code" blocks, MSIE drops the end of line marks when copying to text and HTML.
      This is a bug in all known versions of MSIE up through and including the 6.0 beta. The bug
      does not affect data copied in RTF format, which Word and WordPad use in preference to text
      and HTML format, so the problem is not evident if you paste to Word or WordPad.

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        Thanks for clarifing. The edit/message icon works, but I hate
        not being able to use it on the Archived Messages.

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          Fred and Borje,

          I heard back from "the" user (yes, dont rub it in - no its not my mom!).

          I sent him another copy which ran fine. To clarify, I used Netscape
          as my email client for a long time (hangover from the Mac days), but
          it is terrible on the windows platform. It seems to be messing with attachments
          and that was the problem.
          I had sent him a simple Zip file. I think it might have alerted him
          to the problem when it unzipped the file but he did not say.

          Anyways you guys were right. thx.

          Thx for that code. Superb and brilliant as allways.
          FYI it doesnt work from within Netscape browser but I am now using IE which works great

          I have installed Pegasus for my e-mail client (thx to a link from a members site)
          So I can say bye bye to Netscape.

          Kind Regards


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            Mike, most of my "utility-programs" are specifically developed
            for one customer, using one specific OS.
            I was not trying to imply anything...

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            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


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              I'd keep that copy of Netscape around. It does a much better job of letting you copy code from these forums. See Lance's note above.

              Russ Srole

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