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9.01 "code finder" not the same

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  • 9.01 "code finder" not the same

    Just updated software to 9.01

    Problem: the "code finder" used to remember where it was last left on the screen. Now every time I open it, it goes only to the middle of the screen about a quarter down.

    I use to keep it on the upper left side, on half of the screen and pb on the right side half of the screen. Now everytime I have to move it the left side and adjust it to full vert height, on old pb version it remember where and how tall it was when last opened.

    checked the options and did not see any settings for this.

    hope there is a fix for this. liked the way it used to behave. have vista.

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    My code finder window stays where I put it. In a session, and into the next session. I'm running XP.

    .... whoops. I take it back!

    Only if I keep the size a bit smaller than full screen size, does it work. I can replicate your result when I manually increase the size to pretty much screen height. I don't see the same problem with width.

    I suggest you play around with the location/size that works. Then email support and tell them what you've found out.

    In the meantime, I guess you'll have to use a smaller window size.
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      The "code finder" still remembers where it was last left on the screen in my installation of 9.01. WinME system. Try resetting and see if it persists...? Also might be some other induced nuance from another progam ... like an anti-virus ap ... or just plain another Vista anomaly.
      Rick Angell


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        Did you also try it with a large window size (height)? Mine worked at first, but then I found size/locations that did not.


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          I found no problems here. It remembered where it was in relation to the main IDE window, and remembered its size ... from session to session or in session ... mad no difference, whether that window was smaller (normal) or full screen.
          Rick Angell