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Making controls accessable to screen readers

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  • Making controls accessable to screen readers

    Someone was telling me that in Visual Studio there's some attribute called Accessable_Name that can be applied to a control to make it easier for the blind to use it with their screen readers. I'm not sure I said that quite right but I think that was pretty close to what I was told.

    Anyway, does anyone know if there's something I can do with a button or other control that might be comparable to that? I do know I can use tab order and shortcut keys to help but I think that Accessable_Name thing might give them some additional text or something.

    Any ideas on how that might be done in PB 9?


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    That requires COM and the IAccessible interface.
    Dominic Mitchell
    Phoenix Visual Designer


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      Originally posted by Dominic Mitchell View Post
      That requires COM and the IAccessible interface.
      Thanks. I don't know anything about COM but that tells me where to start looking.



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        maybe my lack of looking, but should look (anyone that can point out good sites for "Handi-Able" capabilities?

        I hear it all the time, but never really saw results as the user would see them (even something as simple as font size or color) 2 of which I know I have users that have problems in these areas, and no clue how to help, when I figure its just a matter of displaying a lil bit different capability
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