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Setting up PBWin9

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  • Setting up PBWin9

    I have just upgraded from PBWin8 to 9 and have difficulty with the Find button. When I use it to go to a SUB\FUNCTION\whatever I can only get it to open in a half screen size rather than full size. I have tried all manner of setups but in does not seem to make any difference. Does somebody know what I don't. Thanks
    Denys C Brosnan

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    Try removing the path to PowerBASIC 8.x.

    You can find out if this is the case by opening a DOS window, type SET PATH, press <ENTER> and see the result. If you find that somewhere in the PATH statement is the path to PB8 then you must erase it. To do this find this path
    in the registry (it appears twice) and delete it. Restart windows and the problem should be fixed.
    Francisco J Castanedo
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      Find Code window

      Thanks Francisco. Unfortunately none of my PowerBasic programs appear in the path. I have tried all the configurations under Window/Options but just cannot get that "Find Code" window to open in maximum. Looks like I will just have to keep trying but thanks anyway. Denys.
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      Denys C Brosnan


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        Try sending a request for help to [email protected], Denys. They are extraordinarily accomodating (and pretty near always helpful).

        Or you could switch to JellyFish Pro (free), which has more features (at least AFAIK).

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          >but just cannot get that "Find Code" window to open in maximum.

          Some time ago I sent in a NFS to have the 'codefinder' window 'remember' the last size and location settings across sessions in addition to 'remembering' WITHIN a session as it does now.

          But you can send it in, too; for it is said the more who ask the more likely we are to receive.

          Michael Mattias
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