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  • Treeview Load Speed

    I know this issue has been talked about before but just want to check with others before I give up.

    I want to load about 100,000 items into a treeview control. I have been doing some tests ( on the root node only for now) and speed for inserting up to about 10,000 items seems fine (less than a second on my machine) and the process slows to a second or two at 15,000 items. At 30,000 items the speed creeps to 20 seconds or so. I guess the control was never designed for these item counts to begin with but should I give up now or is there a trick I am missing.


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    You can do a load on expand.
    2nd option is ownerdraw, saves the treeview to store the TVITEMs


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      I had same problem with MS treeview control... up to a certain point it loaded OK, then the loading started taking forever.

      Even with ownerdraw, I hit the wall.

      I gave up on trying to make the MS control work and wrote my own virtual treeview control. (neither source nor executable are available)

      I know this is probably not good news, but at least I can confirm the 'load speed' issues.

      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
      [email protected]


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        I just uploaded a treelike custom control named Picklist, which is a modification of PBVlist, in the Source Code forum. It has better load speeds than Treeview for items over 10,000 and might get by as a substitute in some cases for the Treeview control. Record access in database apps is what I had in mind when I messed with Picklist about this time last year. Hope someone finds it useful but use with care since it is not extensively tested.
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