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PB/DLL 6.0 Compiler Hangs in Window 2000

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  • PB/DLL 6.0 Compiler Hangs in Window 2000

    Occasionally, the compiler hangs on my Windows 2000 system.
    It happens both when I compile from the IDE and from the command
    line. I have found that, if I use the Windows Task Manager to
    kill the wowexec.exe process, I can recover. I can also
    recover if I logoff and logon again or reboot. When I kill the
    wowexec.exe process, it appears that the compiler has completed
    and generated the exe or dll. I can recompile the same
    source with no problems and no errors reported by the compiler.

    I have noticed the same behavior on another Windows 2000 system
    using PB/CC 2.0. I did not have this problem on Windows NT 4.0.

    Has anyone else seen this? I think I saw a similiar post about
    a year ago but could not find it again.



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    Yes, I've seen it under Win2000. It turned out to be down to having line lengths which
    exceeded 255 (or was it 256 ?). This didn't always result in a hang / GPF -
    only sometimes. I think this limit is documented..

    The problem also occurred sometime later, when there wasn't a line of this length in the
    file (or so I thought). It turned out I had unwittingly created a blank line above the
    critical length. The editor was TextPad. How that happened I don't know - probably finger
    trouble on my part.

    Hope this helps -

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      I have encountered this also both from the command line (from UltraEdit) and from the IDE. I also kill it with the task manager and it works afterwards.

      FWIW, I disabled write caching on my drives (which Microsoft apparently enables by default to enhance the speed illusion) and have not see this situation arise since (1 week). I don't have line lengths >= 255.



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        I've also been having PB hang when compiling, but there is no
        wowexec.exe to kill off. I kill the GUI and retry the compile
        it just hangs again. The only way to fix the problem is to
        logoff and log back in. Anyone found a fit!

        Paul Warner
        Paul Warner


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          Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I checked all of my
          .bas files and none of them had lines with more than 100
          characters. The longest line in the last one that I had hang
          was only 85 characters.

          I am testing disabling write caching on my hard disks to see if
          that helps. Ron, do you have any information about why this
          might help? I've only seen it hang once or twice a week so it
          will take a while to see if this helps. (By the way, Win 2000
          re-enables write caching on reboot. See Microsoft's web site.)

          If you want to use "Task Manager" to kill wowexec.exe, you need
          to select the "Processes" tab to find it. It appears below the

          My guess is that MS changed something in the VDM that doesn't
          always agree with the 16-bit code in the PB compiler. Hopefully
          the folks at PB will make the compiler a 32-bit application in
          the near future. My guess is that MS will only make things
          worse for 16-bit apps in the future.