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how do i put an application on the taskbar ?

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  • how do i put an application on the taskbar ?

    I have written a drag/drop application to work with an imaging storage
    system, but i need the program to always be running and visible so that i can drag and drop the image files to be moved to the image storage.

    So decide to try and put it on the taskbar, not in the tray area.

    I have seen address bars on the taskbar so i know it can be done.

    Does anybody have sample code to do this ?



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    If you want it on the normal Taskbar outside the system tray, just run the application minimized...

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      Might this be referring to the Quick Launch Toolbar?
      I install an icon to it using InnoSetup.
      Making it appear:

      Quick Launch with 64-bit?
      As I recall, it doesn't exist in 64-bit Vista (not sure.) They do some ridiculous pinning.

      If this is about the Quick Launch Toolbar, this is how to do it using InnoSetup.
      How to do it yourself is unknown.

      Name: "{userappdata}\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Your Program"; Filename: "{app}\start.exe"; Tasks: "quicklaunchicon"; IconfileName: {app}\myiconname.ico; WorkingDir: {app}; Flags: closeonexit
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        What I was looking for is something like the way yahoo and google put their address bar on the taskbar.

        I need the program to show a small window on the taskbar so that I can drag and drop onto it.

        If I just minize the program then if they have several programs running then the program on the taskbar could re-size to small to tell what it is.



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          Google "create toolbar" finds many.
          Create a dynamic toolbar, adding a dynamic bitmap and status and tool tip text

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              It looks like you are trying to put a "control" on the taskbar and not an "application". I have no idea how you would do this nor would I ever even try to do it. My taskbar gets pretty full even with only two or three tray icons and the QuickLaunch toolbar turned off.

              What is wrong with writing a normal application and having them drag files to its button on the taskbar? I don't think the window needs to be visible to allow drag and drop operations. I'm pretty sure I've seen programs do this. Also, if you drag a file to a button on the taskbar and hover there for a second, that window will be brought to the front so you can drop the file into whatever control you want on that window.
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                The end users here at the company I work for run mult applications sometimes they fill up the task bar,
                and when they do the task bar application buttons shrink.

                I also wanted to control where the application was on the task bar.

                The end users here are mostly data entry, and sometimes temps from a
                temp service. So I wanted the windows on all computers to look the same
                for ease of use.



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                  appears it's possible but not so easy...


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                    Thanks for the link.

                    I will check it out.