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  • IDE colour scheme

    Hi, I'm trying to change the background colour of the IDE page from white to a more muted colour. I cannot seem to find the colour setting for this, I can change fonts etc but not the page background colour. Am I missing something....... Thanks for help

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    Hedley, If no color option in your current IDE, try JellyFishPro (free). An editor designed specifically just for PB. It has the color optins (and a whole lot more) you are looking for.
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      You can change the foreground and backgound color for every single item. Also have an option to define a custom color, so you have first to define a custom RGB color, and then to choose that color as the background for every single item.



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        Thanks Guys, I was hoping that the PB editor had an option to change the page background colour. I find the white page too glaring and need something softer like the muted blue of this forum page


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          maybe it is to complex to get a different (better than white) background color wich will work with all the colors for syntax high lighting ...



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            As Manuel pointed out, it can be done, you just have to do it for each of the categories.
            You set the custom background with the RIGHT mouse button.
            For Example:
            Click on 'Assember", then slide the slider on the "Select the Back Color" column to the bottom and click the "Custom" , then click the "Create a custom Color" button. Adjust the colors til you find something you can work with as a background and then click the RIGHT mouse button.

            Thank you Hedley for asking about this, it sure is nicer to work with a pale blue background, especially on my big monitor.
            I never would have thought about changing the colors again.
            Might be wise to uncheck the "Use color when printing".
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              Thanks guys I'll give it a try when i get home tonight..

              If Bob's reading this, how about a single button to select page background colour for 9.02


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                There is another way to get the same thing, which in my opinion is easier. You can edit the file PBWIN (Configuration Options, within the BIN Folder) by doble clicking on it.
                To the end, you can find the color options BasBack, TextBack, MarkBack, etc If you change those having the hex value FFFFFF with DFCFCF, you will get the PB's pale blue as background instead of white. The other way is more tricky, since you have to first adjust the white saturation to some 83% and then hover on the coloured square to get the RGB combination(207,207,223) prior to click the right mouse button. Off course you can select a different color. BTW the clearer blue is FFEFEF.
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