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    I would like to suggest that it would nice to be able to compile PowerBasic program so that they run in the Google Native Client. Then we could produce powerful fast desktop like applications in a web browser using PowerBasic.


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    So, if I understand this correctly, it allows us to write PB applications that interface directly to web browsers and can be run on any platform that supports that browser. So in theory we could have x86 based PB backend applications running on multiple platforms. Pretty cool if the technology takes off and becomes widely accepted.
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      Re; Google Native Client

      Yes that is how I understand it and something that I have wanted for quite some time. The only problem currently is that you have to develop using C/C++ but having other development platforms that compile to the Native Client opens up all kinds of possiblities. If it does work well I think alot of development could move this way as it avoids all the installation problems and allows you to run on any OS supported by the browser.



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        Sounds like a VB6 usercontrol as activex embeded into a webpage...?


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          BY all means, do NOT submit this New Feature Suggestion to [email protected]!

          It might happen if you do that!

          (Sheesh, someone at PowerBASIC Inc needs to find a way to let users know how to submit a NFS. Much better 'user education' needed!)
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            Re; Google Native Client

            Originally posted by Edwin Knoppert View Post
            Sounds like a VB6 usercontrol as activex embeded into a webpage...?
            It is similar except that the security model is quite different. Once the user gave the okay to an ActiveX control it could do whatever it wanted but this is not so with Google Native Client. The Google Native Client has the applications in a proper sandbox which enforces certain security rights on the application.


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              I don't know about anyone else but I spend most of my time working on web based solution. The Google Native Client I think has real possibilities so I am going to have a closer look at what is involved.

              The other concept to have a look at is Google Wave. I have started to research the possibilites for the future of email.