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Another of those "Has anyone else experienced ..."

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  • George Deluca
    Paul: Well, he's tried disabling all his spam and virus checking stuff, that was our 1st thoughts as well.

    He did manage do dig out a quite old version of the program and says it does NOT have the problem. I've got to check the specific version/dates etc. but I have a feeling it was created with PB8 and the latest are on PB9.

    Any PB8 / PB9 known issues in this area?


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  • Paul Squires
    I am wondering if a virus checker or resident malware checker is thinking the app is suspicious and is slowing it down every time a key is pressed. Maybe ask the user what resident apps are running? Worth a shot.

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  • Another of those "Has anyone else experienced ..."

    I have a user running Vista64 and he's experiencing something I don't see in Vista32 (if indeed the 32 / 64 difference is even involved).

    The App is an editor and he's experiencing very slow response to simple activities like holding the right arrow down to move the cursor.

    On my system, I'm seeing about a 30 cps movement (which seems typical). He's seeing about 6!

    We've checked Control Panel -> Keyboard settings etc. I just can't explain it.

    The program uses a local keyboard trap which then sends User messages to the normal message queue to pass the keystrokes on. (This is for custom keyboard mapping)

    Anyone seen / heard of anything like this? Any ideas?