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Animations in the statusbar

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  • Animations in the statusbar

    How do I create an icon animation in a statusbar panel? I would like to be able to simulate something like the Mirosoft Word 'Print Job Spooling' feedback loop to the user.

    Any help appreciated.

    Best regards

    Andrew Lindsay
    andrew dot lindsay at westnet dot com dot au

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    There's a demo here somewhere of putting a progress bar in a status bar.

    But basically that just reduces to creating a child window of the status bar and 'doing something' with it.

    When that child window is a progress bar control, you control it with the PBM_xxx messages or the ProgressBar_xxx macros.

    Make that window 'something' upon which you do do animation. I'm not an animation guy, but don't you just 'display' an icon/animation file on that window?
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    Port Washington WI USA
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      I think they simply switch the image index using a thread(+updatewindow possibly)


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        You could get an animation effect by using a timer to cycle through a succession of images placed on the status bar with SB_SETICON.
        Another way could be to place an image control displaying an animated icon over the status bar. Something like this..
        #Compile Exe
        #Dim All
        #Include  ""
        '#Resource "Sb Test.pbr"                        ' Un-rem if using icon from resource
        ' Not built-in (copied from
        %SB_GETRECT           = %WM_USER + 10
        %SB_SETICON           = %WM_USER + 15
        %IDC_IMAGEX    = 1004
        %ST_BAR        = 1003
        %BTN_Test      = 1002
        %LBL_LABEL1    = 1001
        CallBack Function DlgProc()
         Local hIcon As Dword, x, y As Long 
         Local rcd, rc As Rect
          Select Case As Long CbMsg
            Case %WM_INITDIALOG
            Case %WM_Paint                        ' deal with changed postion after resize
              GetClientRect CbHndl, rcd
              Control Send CbHndl, %ST_BAR, %SB_GETRECT, 1, Varptr(rc)
              x = rcd.nRight - (rc.nRight - rc.nLeft) + 5
              y = rcd.nBottom - (rc.nBottom - rc.nTop) + 2
              MoveWindow GetDlgItem(CbHndl, %IDC_IMAGEX), x, y, 16, 16, 0 
            Case %WM_COMMAND
              Select Case As Long CbCtl
                Case %BTN_Test
                  If CbCtlMsg = %BN_CLICKED Or CbCtlMsg = 1 Then
                    ' Load from .ani file
                      hIcon = LoadImage(%NULL, "c:\Windows\cursors\hand.ani", %IMAGE_ICON, 16, 16, %LR_LOADFROMFILE)
                        ' Load from animated icon in resource? Un-Rem next line
         '                  hIcon = LoadImage(GetModuleHandle(""), "#100", %IMAGE_ICON, 16, 16, 0)
                      Control Send CbHndl, %IDC_IMAGEX, %STM_SETIMAGE, %IMAGE_ICON, hIcon
                  End If
              End Select
            Case %WM_SYSCOMMAND
              If (CbWParam AND &HFFF0) = %SC_CLOSE Then
                Dialog End CbHndl
              End If
            Case %WM_CLOSE
            Case %WM_DESTROY
              DestroyIcon hIcon
          End Select
        End Function
        Function PBMain()
         Local hDlg  As Dword
          Dialog New 0, "Test", , , 200, 120, %WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, To hDlg
          Control Add Label,     hDlg, %LBL_LABEL1, "Click 'Test' for Icon", 70, 15, 120, 20
          Control Add Button,    hDlg, %BTN_Test, "Test", 75, 45, 50, 15
          Control Add StatusBar, hDlg, %ST_BAR, "", 0, 0, 0, 0
          StatusBar Set Parts    hDlg, %ST_BAR, 125, 600
          StatusBar Set Text     hDlg, %ST_BAR, 1, 0, "Status Bar"  ' NB iPart is 1 based - API calls are 0 based
          Control Add ImageX,    hDlg, %IDC_IMAGEX, "", 0, 0, 0, 0, %WS_CHILD OR %WS_VISIBLE OR %SS_ICON
          Dialog Show Modal hDlg, Call DlgProc
        End Function
        #IF 0
         //Sb Test.rc  Resource file
         #define RT_ANIICON 22
         100 22 C:\\Windows\\cursors\\hand.ani
        Rgds, Dave


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          Haven't done it with a Statusbar, but I have used an ANI file before in a image control. Perhaps it will work there as well, then no need for a timer solution...otherwise Timer is pretty much it unless you combine a picture control and take the child of Statusbar approach. I did what MCM suggested before and did a SetParent making a progressbar a child and it worked fine.
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            Nice Example
            and fully compile-able without any mods...I like that.

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              Thanks for your help, this is exactly what I was after.


              andrew dot lindsay at westnet dot com dot au