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Pb and Btrieve operation code 65 ext stat

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    Pb and Btrieve operation code 65 ext stat

    I use btrcall for all interfacing with Pervasive right up through 10 with no problems.

    I have never used op code 65 before. It seems that with sub function 6 you can get the name of a user that has a record locked and gone home or to lunch.

    I'm using a bias of 200 on the lock request to get it to come back right away with a status code of 84 otherwise it would just wait forever.

    Any sample code out there on how to see which user has a record locked using Opcode 65.

    Bob Mechler

    Used a bias of 200 to get an immediate error 84. One of the return values is the IP address of the computer locking the record which I turned into a computer name with nslookup.

    Bob Mechler