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PB template - How to ???

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  • PB template - How to ???


    I have a question around the PB templates. PB ships with 4 standard temples (Generic PB template, DLL template etc) How do I save my own template so that it will appear in dropdown for the "Create New" in the IDE. I've looked in the PB folders hoping there was a spot where templates can just be popped into but can't see anything


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    YourTemplateFileName.pbtpl placed into the BIN folder.
    Scott Slater
    Summit Computer Networks, Inc.


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      You just need to create a file with an .pbtpl extension and save it in the PBWin90/bin directory and restart the editor.

      The template file consists of the following:
      • Line 1 is the template version number (currently 1).
      • Line 2 is the extension to give to files created with this template (ie. .bas).
      • Line 3 is the text to display in the toolbar drop down for the New icon or in the sub menu of the File/File New As... menu (ie. My Default Program).
      • Everything else is the default contents of the file. You can tell the editor where to put the caret initially by putting a | character where you want it to be.

      If you bring up the PBWin help file, go to the index and type "templates", the entry on File Templates should be highlighted and pressing enter will display all this help for you.
      Jeff Blakeney


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        Thanks guys I'll give it a shot


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          Here's a page out of my online PowerBASIC tutorial that covers the topic.

          It also give some useful examples, plus gives some tips on ordering them the way you want them to appear.


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            Played with the examples and customized... Thanks, Gary, good web reference!