I just came back from a UML overview course today which I found extremely interesting. Mention was made of how the model in changing especially in big corporate environments away from the standalone mammoth applications to more of a service model. Example mentioned was that no longer will we be developing an application to build and all encompassing application but rather services which perform a specific task. The developer or systems designer will in future assemble the various services required to build up the required functionality rather than develop the application from code. This is a scalable model which can be built on or taken away from depending on the organisations changing needs over time. Of course its has to be built on OOP be to able to do this. Another comment the presenter made which I found most astounding was that .NET was designed to eventually replace COM. The benefit is that the programmer is able to develop applications which are no longer platform dependant while having access to many thousands of tried and tested framework classes.

With this is mind I was wondering how the future of Native language programmers will be impacted and especially how products like PB, which are not framework based but rather compile to native code, will be impacted. Will it survive if it does not embrace concepts like .NET. Should it be looking at concepts like model driven architecture as the way forward. In terms of .NET Microsoft definitely seems to be going the full .NET route