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Little problem with Xprint attach

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  • Little problem with Xprint attach

    Sometime I need to get some info about printers on the system, so I "xprint attach" one or more printer, then use various "xprint get" statements etc.

    With some virtual "printers", expecially those which need a file name to operate such as PDF generator drivers, the XPRINT ATTACH statement cause the printer driver to open its own dialog to ask for an output file name or other parameters.
    This of course is not what I wish, as I'm not sure I'll use that printer really.

    This problem arise, for example, with the drivers "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" or "doPDF" or "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and others ...

    The problem is not due to XPRINT ATTACH, but to the strange behaviour of some printer drivers (the name for the output file should be asked only at XPRINT CLOSE, isn't it?) ... however is a problem ...

    Is there some way to get around?