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  • TRACE and messaging

    I haven't used TRACE much and noticed something. I have a main dialog and one child dialog. Both are modal with separate callbacks. My assumption was that whichever dialog was active would be the only one sending anything to its appropriate callback. What TRACE showed me was that's true for the main dialog, but when the child is active there are still occasional passes through the main callback. Is that normal?


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    Well, your program is doing what your program does, and TRACE is doing what TRACE does.
    The particular item you mention may only be 'normal' to code that you write, or it may be normal to most code that is written.
    It may also be an indicator that this is where the problem, if there is one, with your code is, since it's doing something that you don't think should be happening.
    It would help to see the code or code that displays this behavior so someone can ascertain whether or not all is copacetic.
    TRACE ON traces until a TRACE OFF is encountered, so if TRACE bypasses a TRACE OFF it would indicate some kind of programmer error. You do not state whether this is the case, though.
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      It's perfectly normal and expected. There's lots of notifications sent all the time, it's just that you rarely need to worry about most of them.

      You want to see even more notifications to the inactive dialog? Drag the child dialog around, covering and uncovering areas of the parent.
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        Thanks, I just never appreciated how busy Windows is.