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    i just finished trying out the toolbar .bmp generator that you
    posted here:

    i have about 40 icons with both 16x16 and 32x32 (16 color each)
    images. your code appears to (from minimal testing) extract the
    first physical icon in the file and resize it according to the
    required dimensions (as specified in the data statements).

    i would like to create two .bmp files - one each for 16x16 & 32x32
    sized images. is it possible to make a quick/easy modification to
    your code to use the icon image in the .ico file closest in size to
    the specified requirement?

    most (all?) of my icons have the 16x16 size first. converting them to
    32x32 doesn't look nearly as nice as the 32x32 images that i've drawn.

    bernard ertl
    Bernard Ertl
    InterPlan Systems

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    Bern --
    Actually it's enough easy to read ICO as data, to find exact image and to CreateIconFromResource.
    I have such fragments inside some programs, but not as a separate sub.
    Maybe somehow I'll do such subroutine - 30-40 statements with declarations.

    In this utility was used simple and de-facto non-controlled LoadIcon, because it's utility for "home-usage".
    To divide ICO "manually" per some separate files requires 10-15 seconds.

    For example, open an icon in Microangelo, delete second image, save as ...
    Reload icon, delete first image, save as ...

    E-MAIL: [email protected]


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      OK. Thanks Semen.

      I'll spend the time to manually split all my .ICO files then.
      Thanks for the utility.

      Bernard Ertl
      Bernard Ertl
      InterPlan Systems