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    Icon of dialog

    I am trying to change the icon of a dialog in PBForms. When going to the general tab of the properties of the form, I can change the icon.
    Whe I click 'Apply', the icon on the dialog changes. But when I click 'OK' afterwards, the default icon comes back again.

    This behaviour is also true when opening an existing sample (fe CSV File Editor) where I first select the icon and then confirm with 'OK'.

    Probably my mistake as I am new to PB but what am I doing wrong?


    Last edited by Chris DOUCE; 25 Aug 2009, 03:12 PM.

    It seems that when I click 'OK' after changing the icon. the change is accepted.
    But when I then go back to the properties of the form and change something else (fe the size), and then click 'Apply' and 'OK' afterwards, the icon disappears again.

    Very strange


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        Hi Chris,

        That's a known problem with PBForms.
        User to user discussions about the PB/Win (formerly PB/DLL) product line. Discussion topics include PowerBASIC Forms, PowerGEN and PowerTree for Windows.

        ( Work around is to not click 'Apply' ).

        PS. You'll need to use a style that includes %WS_SYSMENU to have the icon displayed on the Titlebar.
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        Rgds, Dave