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  • Survey Participation Request

    To the PowerBasic Forum users:

    I have not been overly active in the forum for the last few years because of a graduate program I have been going through. That is now getting close to the end and I am at the point in my program where I am working on my dissertation.

    I am researching ethics in software development and would like to invite each of you to participate in an online survey that I am using as part of my study.

    This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The information provided during the survey will be kept strictly confidential and there will be no personally identifiable information requested or maintained.

    If you are interested in obtaining results from the study, once completed, please contact me privately and I will add you to the list of those I will send the results to.

    The link to participate is:

    Thank you for your help in this.

    Jim Stephenson

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    In relation to your experiences as a software developer or designer, please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree ..

    Those questions have nothing to do with experience as a software developer or designer.


    "The dignity and welfare of the people should be the most important concern in any society"

    Pray tell me how that can possibly be related to my experiences as a software developer.

    PS: I'm the one who answered about six questions before reaching this point and then 'X'ed out
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      I have come to realize than even in refusing Kant's Categorical Imperative I am implicitly obeying it.
      The boy just ain't right.


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        From "Mr. Tanner" - by Harry Chapin

        ".. full time consideration of another endeavour might be in order."

        What is this doing in this forum? It should be in the Cafe.. well, maybe.
        In some future era, dark matter and dark energy will only be found in Astronomy's Dark Ages.


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          I would like to thank those who have participated in my survey. Your responses will truly help in this project.

          I would also invite any who have not either had the opportunity to fill out the survey or were unable to complete it to please consider completing it soon. I know there have been some concerns about the applicability of the questionnaire being used and how it really applies to software development. This survey instrument was designed to measure attitudes towards ethical issues. There is not attempt being made to determine what is right or wrong, merely how we view ethical situations. Your responses will not be identifiable and will help us in seeing how software developers and designers compare to other professions in this regard.

          I will be closing the survey in about a week and still need about 75 responses to get the target sample size I am looking for.

          Below is the link for the SurveyMonkey questionnaire:

          Thanks you for your help,