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gbSnippets - Code Librarian and PowerBASIC Source Code Library

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    gbSnippets - Code Librarian and PowerBASIC Source Code Library

    I just posted threads in the Source Code and 3rd Party forums on the release of my new freeware program gbSnippets, a text organizer and source code librarian.

    Suggestions and comments are welcomed - hence the inclusion of this message outside the source code forum for your feedback.

    gbSnippets is a rewrite in PowerBASIC of my gbFind and gbCodeLib freeware utilities which have been downloaded over 50K times Since their release several years ago. gbSnippets is available here:

    For PowerBASIC programmers, gbSnippets provides a syntax highlighting source code editor, including several source code analysis features - but more importantly it includes 300+ categorized PowerBASIC snippets. Most come with not only the basic source code snippet, but with a compilable example as well. A significant amount of reference material is included as well. It also includes the ability to open snippets directly in the PowerBASIC IDE - a feature I've found myself using regularly.

    gbSnippets and the source code libraries are one way for me to say thanks to all the forum members for the help they've given, and to make that information readily available to other (espcially newbie) PowerBASIC programmers.

    I'm already expanding the gbSnippet libraries and I welcome your suggestions for snippets. In addition to being available for download, the snippets are available online at:

    Why thanks for naming your Snippets after me

    Had to laugh, I got confused for a sec because many of my programs have the "gb" prefix as well.
    <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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      Followup post ...

      I've been using gbSnippets a few months now and I'm very happy with the results - especially how useful the PowerBASIC source code library has become as I'm working on new apps.

      Of course, there are still several areas I'm working on - features at the top of my list for improvements.

      There isn't one. It's high on my list.

      The built-in search that provides a list of matching snippets works just fine, but the Find Dialog For individual snippets needs a little user interface improvement.

      Syntax Highlighting
      What I use is based on the Borje code. I need to speed it up for larger (30K) snippets and I need to add string/comment support for other languages. Also I've seen some user actions (such as paste) that sometimes, but not always, results in a failure to display the code with color syntax highlighting. I'm looking into that.

      Flicker On Resize
      When I have a graphics app running, resizing the app causes flicker. I need
      to eliminate that.

      As I said before, I value your inputs and will be happy to consider any suggestions or improvements you make.
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        Sir, you are a gentleman... Thank you. Keep this up and you'll be joining the likes of Jose Roca and Borje Hagsten in my virtual "Power Hall of Fame"


          Programmer Quick Start - a few tips for getting started with the PowerBASIC library distributed with gbSnippets.

          1. Select "Option/Programmer Features"
          This activates the programmer/code librarian features that are normally hidden (for the non-programmer users of gbSnippets)

          2. Use "File/Open" to open any of the several libraries that come with gbSnippets. The "powerbasic.gbs" library is in the "languages" subfolder. The subfolder "snippets" contains the non-programming libraries that ship with gbSnippets.

          3. To associate any of the QuickOpen toolbar buttons with a library file, use the "File/Select File XYZ" menu option. This lets you have a button on the toolbar that immediately opens a designated file.This is discussed in the Help file (local and online), but your comment points out the need for a "Quick Start" instruction for PowerBASIC programmers.

          All of this is covered in the Help file, but as Jules post showed, a Quick Start for programmers would make starting out much easier.
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