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  • Sending and Receiving EMails

    I am connected to and use Windows XP SP6. I have some applications written with VB6 which send and receive messages directly from the program as long as Outlook is on. If Outlook is off the program locks off.

    Moved to PBWin 9 and re-wrote the applications to find out that I cannot send or receive emails no matter whether or not Outlook is on.

    Comcast does not require validation other than the user's name and passcode to login.

    Any ideas how I can use my PBWin 90 to send and receive my emails directly to the server SMTP/POP3.COMAST/NET?

    Thank you in advance.

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    To send mail you have at least three options:

    1. Take a look at the example SMTP.bas in your Samples/Internet/SMTP directory
    2. Grab a copy of Blat.dll from
    3. Use COM instead PBWin to control Outlook.

    For receiving, the obvious question is - why do you want to receive mail using PBWin, what do you intend to do with the message once is received?


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      Receiving directly with PB is just as simple, there is an example by I think Don Dickson in the downloads section.
      You will also find the bulk of it in this thread
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        just my 2 cents here; a similar post was made a month or so ago with some great examples.

        take a look at



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          How can I use COM to control Outlook?
          Thank you.


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            I do not know if your interested, but you can run some software that lets you interact between your program and your smtp provider.

            I have been playing around with proxyplus and there are a few other programs that will run as service and those program programs will act locally as a smtp server.
            Proxyplus can do many things such as be a http proxy, smtp proxy, webserver, pop3 mail getter. It does not support SSL though. The server can run cgi exe programs and interface with php as well. Worthy of looking at even if you do not need it now. I really do not believe this program is ever going to be updated again because the program has not been updated in awhile. I have not used the email part but have looked over it and it does have some nice features. This program has been running on my laptop for over a year and i forgot i had installed it to test it.

            There is another program like proxyplus and i cannot remember the name of it. I will get back to this thread once i have found it.

            Here is a quick list i found just two days ago of some email servers and/or proxys.

            here is the software i was thinking of and could not get the name out of my head

            i have not run this program, it just caught my eye.
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              >How can I use COM to control Outlook?

              "Control" is a funny word.

              If you mean, "how can my program use an Outlook installation to send email or do other Outlook-like things?", then the Outlook COM interface is a fine place to start.

              I think there are examples here of using Outlook to send email, and I think someone else did some kind of "folder maintenance" thing, too.

              I think I'd start here with a search on "outlook" , or maybe with a search at MSDN on "Outlook COM Interface" and see what I could find.

              (FWIW, I will be doing that same search next week. I want to use Outlook with Exchange Server to send email out of my application).
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