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    I'm trying to simulate a Print Preview with the Graphic Print statement to match the XPrint statement. The font and scale is the same for both XPrint & Graphic Print. However, the Graphic Text Size and XPrint Text Size statements return different values for the same text line.

    What do I need to do to make the Text Size be exactly the same so wrapping can be precise?

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      graphic scale ....
      Xprint   scale ....
    Oops, that didn't work?

    Both XPRINT TEXT SIZE and GRAPHIC TEXT SIZE say they return values scaled as requested.

    Maybe you have margin settings different, causing wrapping to occur differently?
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      With PB8 (not sure whether it came with PB or whether I downloaded it from the source foce forum or from the powerbasic site) there was a textview subfolder containing textview.bas and

      This program shows a preview and print of text using graphic and xprint.
      There are several examples in the source code forum also of preview and print.
      These could form the basis of a preview print which you are looking for.
      Client Writeup for the CPA

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        Thanks for that suggestion. Here is the link to the sample:

        However, that code has the exact same problem I'm having--it is not exact. If you use the sample to open the the and change the font to Times New Roman, you'll notice that the Preview has a different number of pages than the actual printout.

        Sometimes a close solution is good enough, but not in this case. I need to be exact. I'll try a different angle.

        Thanks again,