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      I found a few more multi - legged features in my app today. I have
      posted the latest ver 4.0 of VarDumpah in the Source code forum.


      Can you tell me where you made changes, cos ive changed a few things
      in your excellent proggy to my liking and I would like to just
      drop in the new stuff.

      If you could just tell me Line xxx to Line xxx is new that would
      be great

      Kind Regards


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        Glad to hear it finally works, Charles. Means I now can fire my lazy
        brain and live happily ever after..

        Just uploaded yet another fix. Excluded declarations of Subs/Functions
        from usage calculation, since otherwise, Declare + actual Sub/Function
        was considered as one use. This change, in DoProcess - ExtractLine,
        right before "GOSUB ChkVariables" (line 519 in new code)

        Previous changes, hm. In DoProcess - ExtractLocals, removed IF/THEN clause
        with ARRAY SCAN gVars (somewhere around line 694). Also changed
        "IF isGLOBAL = 1 THEN" to "IF isGLOBAL < 2 THEN" (line 694 in new code)
        and added "Vars(iVars).iType = isGlobal" (line 702 in new code)

        Then, added "IF igVars AND ilVars THEN" block to beginning of DoSaveResults.
        Compare latest code with your version, side by side, to find the changes.

        Most recent upload is new file, where I also did some minor cosmetic changes
        to report, in DoSaveResults (like added decl. line numbers to total ref. count).



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          Thx Borje

          FYI there is a utility called DrawFunk that does some interesting
          things at:
          in the Products section. Not sure whos site that is, but thx!
          No source code tho

          Also check out:
          under downloads at the bottom of the page
          ASMVARS v1.01

          Kind Regards

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