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  • List of API By Category (at MSDN)

    Wow! I took a quick liking to this MSDN page. It's a listing of categories, with links to a list/description of the Windows API in each category.

    It should be required reading for all newbies - not to memorize, but just to familiarize oneself with what API are available for use.

    If the syntax for each API were in the lists, that would be very cool. Oooh, oooh - maybe someone will take the API list and extract the corresponding syntax from the includes that come with PowerBASIC!

    Just because I'm interested in the topics, I already made myself two sub-lists for tonight's reading - one on graphics and one on files/folders. You can get a copy of the lists I made here:

    File/Folder API
    Graphics API

    If you're interested in graphics API, there's also this MSDN link on "Graphics and Multimedia".

    But wouldn't you know - there's also an alphabetical listing of API, but it is broken into pages A-Z, and those pages don't have a description or syntax on them. Rats! I would really have liked a single page with name/description/syntax on it. That would be a very useful summary page. Another Oooh - Oooh? Someone might make such a list from the MSDN pages?
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    Ok, 5 minutes have gone by and no-one volunteered, so I went and pulled an alpha-list of the API at the MSDN page I referenced.

    Here's a listing of the ~2250 API from that list:


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      The links are reversed.

      See also:


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        Thanks Jose, I updated the text for the links.

        I hadn't seen that page of yours before, so thanks for pointing it out. I'll be headed there tonight to check it out!

        I've just begun to scratch an itch to know more about graphics, so I'll be visiting your site more in the days to come.


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          Just so it is on the same page here with the alpha and category Windows' API listings...

 is the "Command Line Reference A-Z" page....

          Michael Mattias
          Tal Systems (retired)
          Port Washington WI USA
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            Ok, I went to the A-Z listing of API and pulled out every function from all of the individual pages.

            drum roll .... 2415 unique API entries!

            You can get the total list at:


            That can't be all API, I wouldn't think, but it is those listed at the MSDN summary page. So it must be a reasonably complete list? I might have thought there were over 3K API. For some reason ~2500 sounds too small.

            I'll be editing the list over time, making corrections/additions as I find them or as folks let me know. When I do, I'll put the updates on line also.

            Now, to the next step, adding a syntax and Declare lines to the list ....

            Eventually, of course, I'll include the list and a look up capability in gbSnippets to make the information available when editing source code.

            Just for full disclosure, I made notes that the follow sections either didn't provide descriptions, didn't have functions, or had some other issue that I need to resolve:

            Thread Pool
            Thread Ordering Services
            Text Object Model
            Static Controls
            Debug Help Library
            Media Class Schedule
            Performance Counter
            Performance Logs & Alerts
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              >2500 sounds too small

              I don't know... count "declare" in Win32API.INC ==> 1814

              (courtesy Ultra Edit)
              Michael Mattias
              Tal Systems (retired)
              Port Washington WI USA
              [email protected]


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                2500 sounds too small
                These are the basic ones. There are many other APIs in the SDK include files not included in that list. I have 12590 declares in my include files.