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Pointer error with union'ed ASCIIZ pointers?

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  • Pointer error with union'ed ASCIIZ pointers?

    This is most curious. Bear in mind that I've solved my initial problem with using ASCIIZ pointers into a union'ed structure, but the results are most curious as to WHY this behavior exists.

    The function (Winsock is initialized):
    SUB GenerateIpPort(hDialog AS DWORD, hostToIP AS STRING)
    LOCAL Work          AS STRING
    LOCAL sockin        AS sockaddr_in
    LOCAL dwHost        AS hostentStru PTR
    LOCAL connectHost   AS ASCIIZ * 256
    LOCAL zStr          AS ASCIIZ PTR * 5
    LOCAL zWord         AS DWORD PTR
        sockin.sin_port = htons(80)
        connectHost = hostToIp
        dwHost = GetHostByName(connectHost)
        IF dwHost = %NULL THEN
            DisplayMessage hostToIp &" = Unresolved / Bad Host Name"
            Work = @[email protected]_name
            zWord = @dwHost.h_list
            zStr = @zWord
            Work = Work &" = "& USING$("#_.#_.#_.#", _
                ASC(MID$(@zStr[0],1,1)),  ASC(MID$(@zStr[0],2,1)), _
                    ASC(MID$(@zStr[0],3,1)), ASC(MID$(@zStr[0],4,1)))
            Work = Work &" / "& HEX$(@dwHost.h_addr, 4)
            DisplayMessage Work
            ' this is what i was using first to get at the packed IP
            ' sockin.sin_addr.s = @zStr[0]
            sockin.sin_addr.s_addr = @@zWord
            zStr = inet_ntoa(sockin.sin_addr.s_addr)
            Work = @zStr
            Work = Work &" = "& USING$("#_.#_.#_.#", _
                sockin.sin_addr.S_un_b.s_b1, sockin.sin_addr.S_un_b.s_b2, _
                    sockin.sin_addr.S_un_b.s_b3, sockin.sin_addr.S_un_b.s_b4) _
                        &" / "& HEX$(sockin.sin_addr.s_addr, 8)
            DisplayMessage Work
        END IF
    No, it's not a function yet, this is just a test to figure things out.

    When called with various host names as the hostToIP string, I get the following results:
    ' should return the proper IP address.
    GenerateIpPort CB.HNDL, ""
    ' = / 0002
    ' = / E0729345
    ' why yes it does.
    ' should generate a failure to resolve.
    GenerateIpPort CB.HNDL, ""
    ' = Unresolved / Bad Host Name
    ' yep.
    ' this is blocked via my HOSTS file.
    GenerateIpPort CB.HNDL, ""
    ' = 127.-1.-1.-1 / 0002
    ' = / 0100007F
    ' ok, the ASC is not returning character codes below 32?
    And it all works, but the results from the third "lookup" is most curious when you access the 4 bytes of the return via a ASCIIZ string pointer, it's returning the 0's and the 1 as -1.

    So, is ASC failing here? And if so, how?

    P.S. Title of the post was hard to come up with, ... :confused2:
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    There was quite a discussion on ASC, MID$ and other statements recently. It looks like you are trying to use the string commands on a DWORD (zWord is pointer to a DWORD, zStr is a pointer to a 5 character string and you are setting its address to the address of zWord). If a character in a string is ASCII value 0, it is considered null so the MID$ of the second and third bytes of will return a null string and ASC of a null string returns -1. I'm not sure why the fourth byte is giving you a -1.

    Have you considered using PEEK instead? Instead of all the ASC(MID$(...)) in the USING$ statement, use PEEK(BYTE, @zWord), PEEK(BYTE, @zWord + 1), PEEK(BYTE, @zWord + 2), PEEK(BYTE, @zWord + 3). At least, I think that is the way it should look.
    Jeff Blakeney