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  • Cd logging Utility

    Has anyone written one of these?
    or know of a good Freeware/shareware one?

    Somthing to log all the Cds I have burnt with
    the capability of searching the Cds off line for a file

    Also while im on the subject of Cds, Is it possible to burn a system
    folder to a CD so that you can boot from a cd to windows and not
    the pre-historic DOS prompt like Macs can?

    Kind Regards

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    cdTree 1.1.5 (Freeware)
    This tool is an offline browser for the files and directories
    on your CD collection, it facilitates space management on these
    CDs and eases locating the CD containing a specific file.
    The tool allows scanning your CD contents, categories and
    group the CDs, display the files and directories in and
    explorer-like panel, allow you to attach comments to any file or
    directory, and allow the search through either the filenames or
    the attached comments.
    Available at :

    NeroCD 5.5
    Allows the creation of bootable CD's.
    Available at :


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      To make Bootable CD, check this one :