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WinNT speed vs. Win95/98

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    Thanks Hutch,

    99% of the time I use it to copy data from one TYPE variable to
    another. Sometimes it is a straight copy, other times I only copy
    one half of the first variable into the other, etc... I find
    being able to specify the source address (which could be half
    way within a TYPE variable) and a destination address very

    There are a couple of places in my code where I will put the
    code directly instead of incurring the overhead of setting up
    the function call. Thanks.

    BTW, would you happen to have a super fast way to retrieve a
    defined portion of a TYPE variable into a DYNAMIC string. Currently,
    I am using your MemCopyD routine to copy from the VARPTR of the
    TYPE to the STRPTR of the dynamic string for a given length value.
    It works fine - is that way okay. It seems to be faster than using MID$.


    Paul Squires
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    Paul Squires
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