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  • Two monitor displays


    I would like to display input data tables (PBDLL or
    PBCC program A) on monitor 1 and output data tables/graphs
    (PBDLL or PBCC Program B) on monitor 2.

    Is this possible to do with PBDLL or PBCC programs?

    Assistance how to do this will be greatly appreciated.




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    Sasha --

    Each monitor in a multiple-monitor system has it's own set of window coordinates. Typically the "main" window has a top-left corner of 0,0 and other monitors are give coordinates that do not overlap it. It's possible to move a PB/DLL window or a PB/CC console window to any location on any monitor by using the Windows API. See the MoveWindow function in Win32.HLP or on the MSDN site.

    PB/CC programs can also use 1) my company's Console Tools package, or 2) our DOSBox package, which was specifically designed to support multiple monitor systems. DOSBox can be "linked" to your program to provide real-time control, or it can be used as a commandline utility to position the console window before your program is lauched. (This would normally be done in a batch file.) We are experiencing a minor problem with our web site so you can't currently download the free version of DOSBox. If you would like a copy, just send your email address to [email protected]

    -- Eric

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      I did experiment with displaying output on both screens about a year ago.
      There was no special trick, I merely had the program open two different
      windows, and manually dragged one over to the other screen. Once the
      window was on the second screen, I could enlarge it to full screen
      (it would then occupy the second screen only).

      I did not take it any further, however, and no longer use the second
      monitor (driver issues made it somewhat unstable).


      John Kovacich

      John Kovacich
      Ivory Tower Software