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EOF detection causes prog hesitation

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  • EOF detection causes prog hesitation

    I am looping through two files line by line.

    On is a large file in memory (20MB) the other is a smaller file
    being read line by line from disk using
    INPUT# 100,

    The code starts at the top of the large file and runs thru it
    untill the date and time match the small file and then it steps
    both files one line at a time untill the smaller file is exhausted.

    then the next small file is processed and so on.

    All is working, but every time the small file is exhausted the
    program hits a brick wall for a second or two (as seen in the
    progress bar). This is occuring when the EOF is detected


    ' open files etc etc
    WHILE Done = 0 ' step thru the large file
        dLineStr = MID$(dFileStr, SPos+2, EPos-(SPos+2))
        dDateStr = PARSE$(dLineStr, 1)
        dDate    = DateToJulian(dDateStr)
        dTime    = TimeToMinutes(VAL(dTimeStr))
        WHILE (sDate < dDate OR (sDate = dDate AND sTime < dTime)) AND NOT EOF(100) AND Done = 0 ' advance the Small file to match
            IF sDate = dDate AND sTime = dTime THEN EXIT LOOP ' for first line only
            INPUT# 100, sDateStr, sTimeStr, OpenPrice, HighPrice, LowPrice, ClosePrice ' Input a Line
            sDate = DateToJulian(sDateStr)
            sTime = TimeToMinutes(VAL(sTimeStr))
        IF sDate = dDate AND sTime = dTime THEN
            ' process the data
        END IF
        INCR LineNum : SPos = EPos : EPos = INSTR(SPos+2, dFileStr, CHR$(13)) : IF EPos = 0 THEN EXIT LOOP
        IF LineNum MOD 1000 = 0 THEN DIALOG SEND hDlgProgBar, %PROGBARID, ROUND(LineNum/LinesInFile*100 ,0), 0
    ' close small file
    ' loop for the rest of the small files
    Kind Regards

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    For what it's worth Mike, here's my thoughts.
    Closing and reopening the next "small" file would cause a
    delay though it shouldn't be 2 seconds or anywhere near that.
    Another possibility though is an "input past end" on the
    sequential file that is not being "reported".
    Without more of the code it is difficult if not impossible to
    give a definite answer to your slowdown question.

    You might try putting the small files in random files and reading
    them by record number or as binary files and see if there is
    any difference.

    also if you can open all the small files and read them by file
    number on each loop rather than having to close and reopen
    (which without the code is an assumption).

    I don't see anything that sticks out as a cause of the slowdown.
    Except it appears you exit the first while to close the small
    file then reenter the big loop which seems inefficient but then
    we are missing some code here (the processing stuff is probably
    not needed --that is for determining an answer - but then ...)

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      Mike, How have you verified that the EOF() function is the "problem"? I don't see any timing/benchmark code in the code snippet you posted.

      A quick peruse of the code and your notes suggests quite a lot is going on in your app, along with items you have not posted code for, such as the GUI code for the progress bar, etc...

      Basically, I'm not clear how you have verified the point where the delay is occurring.

      Also, what O/S are you using, are the file(s) local or across a network, and what locking mode are you using in the OPEN statement? Also, are you specifying a buffer size in the OPEN statement (LEN=xxx)?

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        You are right as allways. After MUCH testing the problem
        turns out to have nothing to do with EOF as it originally appeared.

        The problem is that I begin to do a:
        Followed by a

        in the middle of a 30MB file. The brick wall is windows shuffling
        memory around.

        I spent many hours on this and I was sure it was an EOF problem
        so sorry

        Kind Regards


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          No problem at all Mike - that is what we are here for!

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