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  • simple database engine

    I am looking for a database engine for use with PB/DLL 6. It needs to be something that I can distribute with my project/product without additional licensing fees.

    I am currently using an MSAccess database w/DAO but would rather move to something more internal since the DAO requires just the right DLL's to have already been installed. Once I go live with the product I would prefer to not have to worry about such compatibity issues.



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    tsunami is great. here is a link.

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      My company's SQL Tools add-on for PowerBASIC might also be a good choice for you. It is much easier to install than DAO. In fact it will work with virtually any version of the Microsoft MDAC package, including the ones that come pre-installed on Windows 98SE, ME, NT4, and 2000. Most of our customers report better performance with SQL Tools than with DAO. And incidentally, our new SQL Tools Version 2 is compatible with Visual Basic as well as PowerBASIC.

      SQL Tools is available from Just click on one of the links below...

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        Another great database product that was built with PowerBASIC
        is Paul Squires 'Cheetah' DBMS. It is XBase compatible. Try a
        demo at:


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          I second SQL Tools, the ability to tap into an Access Database with
          a single .DLL file is great. Support is great too, I've done
          many projects with SQL Tools, and I program in DAO a lot, the
          syntax is very easy to adjust to.

          [email protected]