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  • PBCARDS.INC - build card games with PB/DLL..

    Not sure this is correct place for something like this, but here it goes:

    Uploaded to

    PBCARDS.INC, card game custom control for PB/DLL. Makes it "easy" to
    build your own card games in PB without using any third-party tools.
    Package includes PBCARDS.BAS, a demo that shows basic use and also
    has a simple "Match pairs" game, that shows one way of programming
    card games. Compiled exe and resource file bitmaps are also included.

    All files are Public Domain, free to use and change as you like.
    Didn't really know what to do with this control, but decided to let
    it go public like this. Maybe someone can find use for it..


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    Compliments Borje,

    This stuff works well.


    [email protected]

    hutch at movsd dot com
    The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries


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      Thank you, Steve. Yes, it seems to work quite well. To let you see
      what can be done with it, I have posted an almost completed game

      It uses this control in both game and settings dialog. All settings
      and results are stored in ini file. It's even bi-lingual, English or
      Swedish text on buttons, etc, since Sweden is my main market. Pyramid
      does not come with the code, because it may become part of a shareware
      card game package later on. Not sure yet, but we'll see.

      Pyramid is actually both fun and educational. Select cards with a total
      value of 13 from the pyramid and click on deck to deal cards. Without
      realizing it, children can practise math this way, so it's multiple
      purpose game, one could say..

      The most fun thing about writing card games in PB is download size. Pyramid
      is practically ready - only a few things left, like some nice bitmaps for the
      buttons. Total download size, < 60KB! One EXE - no DLL's. Do I love PB?



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        Great work. I also downloaded the Pyramid game. Played it lots!
        The only thing I would like to see in that particular game is an
        Undo button. I have been meaning to write a few card games in PB,
        but haven't gotten around to doing it. I am considering a Monte Carlo
        game that I originally did for the TI 99/4A. Thanks for the push!

        Regards and best wishes,

        [email protected]
        :) IRC :)


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          Undo is on the whish list (from my main beta-tester - wife..
          At same time, undo in a game? Hm..



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            Borje, strewth! Excellent work I liked many things about Pyramid - the buttons are nice, the Top 10 smooth gray gradient is nice, and geez its such a tiny download - btw, the exe can compress down to approx 60kb if you use something like UPX or ASPack
            Keep up the good work!
            PS. I too am after a Swedish woman to marry who'll do my beta testing for me! How'd you score her? she doesn't program also does she?



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              My wife is my best beta-tester for one reason only - she knows nothing
              about computers. She is typical representative of today's users, so like
              when I have installations ready for public (read commercial) release, I
              always give her the disks and tells her to install. Then I just sit back
              and take notes on where she goes wrong. Same with my software. I ask her
              to run it and take notes on how she acts. Have learned a lot from that.

              Take a simple question like "Save this file to your harddrive?". When
              today's users encounter this, they panic - What is a file? What is a
              harddrive - do I even have one? Is it dangerous? Then better to just
              ask, "save changes?".

              Funny thing is, in spite all their billions and huge research teams, MS
              probably are worst at creating easy-to-understand questions. My wife
              is good example - she just can't come to grips with MS Word and when
              she still tries, it takes no more than a couple of minutes before she
              starts panicing. Wonder if MS ever test their stuff on common users..?



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                very nice thanks - just spent a couple of hours playing -
                a very usable and fun game





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                  Beautiful work, THANKS for control!
                  I can now sharpen my card playing skills, and it is one video game I don't mind
                  my kids playing.