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Poffs2, beta2 + new databases..

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    Poffs2, beta2 + new databases..

    Some minor fixes, including formatting the dates in the list a bit
    differently. Instead of listing "March 18, 2001 04:35 PM", it now
    uses 24-hour format and cuts month and year a bit, so it becomes
    "Mar 18, -01 16:35". To me, perfectly clear, but to people used to
    strange PM/AM time formats? Can you handle 24-hour formats? If not,
    I'll change it back, or maybe make it configurable..

    Anyway, new beta available at

    Also, new databases at following addresses (haven't had time to fix
    the web-page yet, so these are the only links available right now.)

    NOTE - you don't have to download them all if you don't want to. If
    you never use DOS, for example, maybe there's not much need for it.
    Each file contains all posting made to these forums, up to March 25:
    Source code + program (2.1 MB) : [url=""][/url] 
    Windows Forum (5.5 MB)         : [url=""][/url] 
    Programming Forum (2.2 MB)     : [url=""][/url] 
    DOS Forum (1.5 MB)             : [url=""][/url] 
    Console Forum (1.5 MB)         : [url=""][/url] 
    3-Party + Internet (1.2 MB)    : [url=""][/url]
    Download and unpack to same directory as POFFS.EXE or POFFS2.EXE
    (the one above), and the program will be able to use them for the
    off-line searches..

    NOTE 2: first file there, with Source code Forum (plus Product announcements
    and FAQ), also contains the program, same as the beta above, so better to
    download instead, and get the source code forum with its now
    almost 900 samples directly..

    Don't know if I even should care to pack it all into one big file.
    14MB is pretty much to up/download for most of us, so better this way, or..?
    Right now, I have 2 KB/sec upload "speed" here. Won't even care to calculate
    what 14MB/2KB per second becomes..


    Dear Borje,

    Once again I would like to thank you VERY MUCH for making such
    a nice utility available to the PowerBASIC community.


    Patrice Terrier
    mailto[email protected][email protected]</A>
    Patrice Terrier
    Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


      Outstanding Borje! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

      The new date format will work for me.

      At my current location d/l a 14MB file would be pure torture.
      But, when I return home, having an option to d/l everything in
      one huge file would be desirable (always on cable modem).

      But don't put yourself out on my account. I can just as easily
      d/l several smaller files.

      Bernard Ertl
      Bernard Ertl
      InterPlan Systems


        Borje, how old are the downloads in these files? - did you just download the latest threads, or download the whole lot from scratch?

        I ask simply because I found some of the messages in the data files I downloaded from you (some months ago now) have obsolete URL's (because the BBS undergoes occasional archiving, messages may move around, or be updated by the original poster - even months after the original post).

        PowerBASIC Support
        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
        mailto:[email protected]


          Fantastic Borje!

          I want to thank you *very* much for sharing your work with us -
          POFFS is an incredibly useful resource.

          So, Thank You


          PS: BTW (not complaining) just wanted to inform you that I still
          get GPFs when scrolling up or down in the edit control (not the
          list box). This only seems to occur with syntax highlighting on.
          Works fine with syntax highlighting off. (Tested on NT 4.0 SP6).



            Thanks very much Borje

            Can somebody please mirror those files? I've never been able to download the 70kb POFFS at any faster than about 500 bytes per second from (currently getting 79 bytes per sec... ) - i dread downloading 14mb of databases at that speed
            Many thanks,



              Hmmm. I am presently D/L'ing at 2.8K



                Thanks fellows. Glad if it can help anyone.

                Lance, I only downloaded the latest. Enough many bytes as it is..
                Sorry if some links becomes broken - one day, when I have a faster
                connection I'll fix it (if that ever will happen, that is - right now,
                all broadband companies seems to be struggling to even survive here)

                Florent - one day I may even find what causes it to crasch in NT.
                Weird thing, since it works fine in most other systems. I'll clean
                up the code for the editor a bit and make it available as soon as
                I can. Maybe that is only solution - to make it open source..

                Wayne - my server is located somewhere south of Chicago, so I have
                been told. Usually fast enough. An idea I have had is to burn the
                whole thing down on CD. Problem is my CD-burner made a burn-out a
                couple of weeks ago and I haven't had the need to replace it yet.
                Once I get a new one, that could be an option to use. I'll see what
                I can do about it.

                In the meantime, anyone who would like to mirror it of course is more
                than welcome to do that. Anything that eases up on my already strained
                bandwidth is good, IMHO..




                  I just d/l all the databases, speed with my cable modem was
                  about 175.5 k/s, your servers speed seems to be above average.

                  Thank you very much, the databases are very very useful.

                  Regards; Errol



                    Lance, I forgot - you asked about updated postings: old postings,
                    updated since last release, was indeed downloaded and added to the
                    package. Just so you know - most should be there, only some links
                    in the ones that never has been updated that may be wrong, if they
                    were moved to the archives..




                      I miss the strange PM/AM time format Na, its no biggy.

                      I do like your modifications very much.

                      The buttons sometimes have a dotted line around them, don't know
                      if you intended on this.


                      [This message has been edited by Gregery D Engle (edited March 29, 2001).]
                      [email protected]


                        Hi Börje!
                        As a member of a great nation, Sweden, I think you should use
                        "swedish/military" dateformat YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS as that is "sort-able"
                        I dont think anybody in the world use the strange US/AM/PM format.
                        My 2 öre to this discussion.
                        By the way, Great,great job. What a load of goodies to learn from.

                        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

                        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


                          Gregory, the dotted line indicates focus, something that otherwise
                          usually is missing in all flat style buttons. Tab around and you'll
                          see how it works. Would prefer a more Focus-rect style, but that
                          involves drawing earch dot "by hand", so I simply used MS's crappy
                          implementation of dotted lines. One day I'll improve that part..

                          Fred, I'm sure our US friends would be very confused if it used the
                          "more correct" MMDD format..



                            Invaluable Borje! Thanks a lot.

                            Downloading at a bit over 6 Kb/s via ISDN.
                            My ADSL connection is supposed to be installed this first quarter...


                            [email protected]
                            [email protected]


                              Borje --
                              I noticed two custom controls - ROUNDRECTBUTTON & PBRLABEL.
                              Unlike there are some disadvantages (for example, aytomatic turn off), they looks very interesting.
                              Will you share them ?

                              E-MAIL: [email protected]


                                Yes, of course. Actually quite advanced controls, with possibility
                                to set text position, bitmap/icon position, url on/off (url links
                                in Info dialog uses same label as the one under the checkbox list)

                                Only need to clean out some mess first. Same thing with the editor,
                                but a bit more to clean up there. BTW, one thing I haven't mentioned
                                yet - in the editor, if you double-click in the left margin while
                                the caret is inside a sub or function, entire sub/function will be
                                selected. Also, if not already clear - there are working keyboard
                                shortcuts for everything in the editor. Ctrl+W toggles word wrap,
                                Ctrl+H syntax highlight, F2 moves to next bookmarked reply, Shift+F2
                                to previous, etc..




                                  I am from NY (USA) and actually all applications I write use the YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format due to the sort ability. I just makes more sense.

                                  --- George

                                  George W. Bleck
                                  Senior System Engineer
                                  KeySpan Corporation
                                  <b>George W. Bleck</b>
                                  <img src=''>



                                    I join all the others in saying Thank You for sharing your hard work with us!

                                    mailto:[email protected]
                                    Tsunami Record Manager



                                      Marvelous!, simply marvelous!
                                      I don't know which impresses me more, your programming capabilities
                                      or your willingness to share the results.

                                      Many Thanks,
                                      Bruce Brown



                                        Unfort. I got a GPF, immediately on start up. The system hung, had to use the off/on switch to get my laptop running again.
                                        If I remember correctly, the GPF was caused by KERNEL.386. My system is W95.

                                        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

                                        Egbert Zijlema, journalist and programmer (zijlema at basicguru dot eu)
                                        *** Opinions expressed here are not necessarily untrue ***