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Changing Background color of 3 Party App

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  • Changing Background color of 3 Party App

    We are wanting to setup a test environment for Users of our
    MRP Software. The problem is that our MRP Software doesn't
    fully support a test environment, and there really is no
    way of telling that your in a test environment other than
    of course the data will be different.

    With this in mind you can see that huge problems can happen
    if a user thinks they are in a test environment and they are
    actually on the live system.

    I am wanting to somehow change the background color of
    the test system.

    I plan on doing this, if this is possible.

    a& = SHELL(TestMRPPath$)

    ***** Somehow get the Hwnd from a&

    subclass the Hwnd

    Process WM_PAINT (If I'm correct), would I just create a
    different brush?

    then send everything back to the hwnd when done changing the color

    first step is how do I get the hwnd from the processID?

    I can't simply do a GetWindowText from EnumWindows because both
    the Test Version and the Live Version can be opened at the same

    Any ideas?


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    To retrieve a top-level window of shelled process is very simple:
    CreateProcess returns ProcessId (inside PROCESS_INFORMATION); EnumWindows + GetWindowThreadProcessId.

    But to change a brush is more difficult (another process).
    Much easy simply to change a title (SetWindowText should work through processes).

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