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Passing parameters when launching threads.

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  • Passing parameters when launching threads.

    Shesh, 'been a while since I've posted, PB's running wonderfully, to all you folks at PB, keep it up.

    Now to my question - I'm beginning to make use of threads in my apps, and I'm extremely pleased with the efficiency and various benefits I'm discovering. I currently have the need to pass more than one parameter to a thread, I actually need to pass two string parameters, but powerbasic only allows 1 long parameter per new thread. My two questions are as follows:

    1 - What is the most efficient way to pass various parameters to a new thread, globals?, udt?, ptr to a udt (is that possible?), or ptr to a multi-dimensional string array that contains to the two parameters i need, or is it something else?

    2 - Will this be changed in future versions of PowerBasic? - if not, may I add it to the suggestion list. Thanks.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I think a pointer to a UDT is the best way to go, use string pointers in the UDT if you need variable length strings

    TYPE PassType
       String1 As String Ptr
       String2 As String Ptr
    I shouldn't think it would change, as the WinApi thread functions only require 1 parameter (Long, See 'CreateThread').

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