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  • Ian Cairns
    For sorting the grid, I think the standard way is to click on the header for the column(either names or codes)to select or to reverse the current sort column and its direction. The current sort direction can be indicated by upward or downward pointing arrows on the header. You might highlight the header to indicate which column is in control of the sort.
    Ian Cairns

    [email protected]

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  • John Kovacich
    You could make your "search by", "find next/prev", and "sort by" options
    all drop down boxes, instead of buttons, in a single line with a field for them to type their


    John Kovacich
    Ivory Tower Software

    Try MsgBoxPlus for easy MSGBOX's with custom buttons and graphic backgrounds.

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  • Borje Hagsten
    A way I have used in POFFS that provides many options in small space is
    by using comboboxes all the way. First combo has text field for search
    text. There you can store each search in list - users (and I) love this.
    The others provide settings. This layout is clean and easy to understand,
    and also provides lots of room for future additional ways to search.

    Also, if to make something extra out of it - easy to use ownerdrawn combos
    with nice, colorful bitmaps..

    BTW Semen, your asm similarity code is excellent - fast enough and works
    very well with different languages. Will be using a slightly customized
    version of it here - thanks a lot!


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  • Paul Noble
    Hi Semen,

    From your description, I think I would be inclined to have a clear interface, and go for
    just two search controls -

    1. a textbox which, when you type into it, provides a 'search by first letters' facility

    2. a button that opens a search dialog, where you can have as many options as you want

    You could offer hotkeys for the main search commands (such as search up, search down), so
    users don't have to keep opening the dialog box. Context menus too, although it's my
    my experience that 'ordinary' users tend not to think of context menus. If you are looking
    for standard images, I'd suggest looking at the clipart that comes with VB/MS Office.



    mailto[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Semen Matusovski
    started a topic Design question

    Design question

    Hi, all --

    I have a grid on Tab page and need to implement search.
    De-facto I want to have a frame with "string to search" (textbox) and with set of buttons:
    "search by first letters"
    "search by context" (instr)
    "search by similarity"
    "find next (down)"
    "find next (up)"
    "sort by names"
    "sort by codes"

    Meanwhile I want to place all controls in one line (to have more place for grid).
    What do you think, how to kill two birds by one stone - to use minimum place and to keep clear interface ?
    "Commands", which I mentioned, are enough typical and maybe there are standart and understable images ?

    E-MAIL: [email protected]